William Raphael R.C.A. 1833-1914

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William Raphael R.C.A. 1833-1914
The author examines the biography and professional life of the Prussian-born artist William Raphael (1833-1914), who immigrated to Montreal in 1857. Equipped with an academic education from the Royal Academy of Berlin, Raphael engaged in painting portraits, landscapes, genre scenes and still life from the time of his arrival. Initially, he worked in photography with William Notman and others. The author points out that aside from the art he produced, one of Raphael's greatest contributions lay in the field of art education, both in public institutions and in his own school. Raphael helped build important new l9th century Canadian art organizations and institutions. He was a charter member of the Royal Canadian Academy, a founder of the Society of Canadian Artists and the National Art Gallery of Canada. He was an original member of the Pen and Pencil Club of Montreal as well as a participant in the Ontario Society of Artists, the Art Association of Montreal and the Council of Arts and Manufacturers of Quebec. The vicissitudes surrounding the artist's association within these societies is covered in detail by the author. Emphasis has been placed upon an assessment of Raphael's style and the spectrum of his work, particularly the witty genre scenes. These depict what were to him the more exotic aspects of Canadian life. The author examines the Raphael's work within the context of the German Biedermeier realist tradition and its adaptation to the Canadian scene.
Master's Thesis
Concordia University
Goelman, Sharon Rose. “William Raphael R.C.A. 1833-1914.” Master’s Thesis, Concordia University, 1978. http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/obj/thesescanada/vol2/QMG/TC-QMG-5554.pdf.
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