Evolution and Integration of the Greek Community of Greater Montreal : A Perspective Across Three Generations

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Evolution and Integration of the Greek Community of Greater Montreal : A Perspective Across Three Generations
The author explores the experiences in the city of three generations of Greek-Canadians over a period of roughly 60 years. By tracing the evolution of Montreal’s Greek community, he aims to identify how a city goes from having ethnic neighbourhoods to having ethnicities living fluidly in its urban neighbourhoods. He notes that previously, ethnic neighbourhoods existed as a physical space within the city. With new mobilities, ethnicities continue to live within the physical space of the city, but now also exist beyond it, moving through it, and changing how each subsequent generation identifies with its heritage and community of belonging. To achieve this goal and gain a better understanding, the author conducted a series of semi-directed interviews. On the one hand, these interviews allowed for the mapping of different places in which daily life is based in at different key moments of immigration (arrival and subsequent settlements) and, on the other hand, explored the experiences and meanings associated with these places, where identities, attachments, and feelings of familiarity are discussed. The author found that the qualitative analysis of these allowed him to construct a larger picture to see how each generation shapes and takes shape from the city. He found that three experiences in the city were brought to light: for the first generation, home and community take place in a foreign city; for the second generation, they live in a community firmly established within the metropolitan area, and for the third generation, they live in a community that has dispersed into socio-spatial hubs. The author concludes that his research confirmed existing literature of spatial assimilation among the Greek-Canadian diaspora, while also opening avenues to new ways of looking at this kind of assimilation through the lens of mobility.
Master's Thesis
Université de Montréal
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Boutas, Athanasios. “Evolution and Integration of the Greek Community of Greater Montreal : A Perspective Across Three Generations.” Master’s Thesis, Université de Montréal, 2019. https://papyrus.bib.umontreal.ca/xmlui/bitstream/handle/1866/24002/Boutas_Athanasios_2019_memoire.pdf?sequence=4&isAllowed=y.
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