The Summit of Distinguished Living: Montreal's Gleneagles Apartments

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The Summit of Distinguished Living: Montreal's Gleneagles Apartments
The author notes that despite the great deal of research and writing that has been conducted in numerous disciplines regarding apartment living in other locations throughout the world, little has been written about the unique stock ofapartment housing in Montreal. The Gleneagles, built in 1929 and designed by Ross and Macdonald Architects, located at 3940 Cote des Neiges Road, is one ofthe city's original luxury apartment complexes. The author points out that apartment units in luxury buildings of this nature present an entirely unique set of characteristics. These buildings often included even more amenities than the finest homes from the same period. The author articulates an inclusive understanding and analysis of the Gleneagles from its construction to current day in the unique context of Montreal. He points out that social class, internal networks and social condensing elements all exist within the building. These elements, he points out, have evolved and changed over time. The author's archival research, including the study oforiginal plans and photographs, was used to expose and articulate a deeper understanding ofthis site. The author considers the Gleneagles as an artifact and articulates a series of untold layers of significance influenced by different points in history. He asks: Is luxury timeless? Does nostalgia play a roll in this process? Can the values and qualities of a building constructed in 1929 map onto the wants and needs of part of Montreal's population seeking to invest in real estate today? These questions and others are part of what the author's study on the Gleneagles Apartments attempts to examine and further articulate.
McGill University
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Havekes, Luke Henry. “The Summit of Distinguished Living: Montreal’s Gleneagles Apartments.” McGill University, 2011.
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