Kids on Strike at Montreal's Aberdeen School, 1913

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Kids on Strike at Montreal's Aberdeen School, 1913
Created in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the Aberdeen School Strike, this online graphic novel is told from the perspective of thirteen-year old Freda. In February 1913, when a Protestant teacher at Montreal's Aberdeen School made disparaging remarks about her Jewish pupils, five boys called a strike. Hundreds of Jewish children congregated in the park across from the school where they appointed strike leaders, established a negotiating committee, and resolved not to return to class until the teacher apologized. Some of them marched to the Baron de Hirsch Institute and the newspaper office of the Keneder Adler to demand that action be taken. Freda's voice guides readers through the historical perspective, causes and consequences of this true-life elementary students' strike.
July 04 2017

Illustrated by Derek Broad. Also available in French as: Les gars et les filles font la grève a l'école Aberdeen de Montréal, 1913. Translated by: Sonya Roy. See also the authors essay on this subject: "Little Fists for Social Justice: Anti-Semitism, Community, and Montreal's Aberdeen School Strike, 1913." Labour / Le Travail Vol. 1 (December 2012): 61–99.

MacLeod, Roderick, and Mary Anne Poutanen. “Kids on Strike at Montreal’s Aberdeen School, 1913.” Last modified July 4, 2017.
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