Symbols of Order and Harmony in the Work of Marian Scott, 1931-1949

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Symbols of Order and Harmony in the Work of Marian Scott, 1931-1949
The author examines the themes of harmony and order in the work of Montreal artist Marian Dale Scott (1906-1993) during the period 1931-1949. She looks at three symbols — spiral, crystal and cell-caul — which were used by Scott to visually articulate these themes. The author begins by exploring the Intellectual background of Scott's work by examining some of the influential forces In the artist's life in order to show their effect in shaping her quest for order and harmonious balance. The author points out that the influences examined Include her husband (Frank Scott), her circle of friends and the readings and artists which she has indicated as being Important in her development. These are presented by the author against the backdrop of the political and art historical events of the 1930s and 1940s. The author examines the paintings which preceded the pivotal work of this period, the Endocrinology mural, for evidence of the thematic development and use of symbols which are mentioned above. The author notes that these themes and symbols which appear in Scott's work in an incipient form in the 1930s are precipitated in the mural Endocrinology. The symbols are examined both from a general perspective in order to show the history or ancestry of the symbol and from the particular context of the way in which they were used in Scott's paintings. The author offers a brief examination of the paintings done by Scott after the mural in order to trace the incorporation of the symbols in these paintings. In general, the author focuses on the forms in the artist's work and how they can be read as testaments of her belief in the presence of an underlying harmony and order.
Master's Thesis
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON
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Brock, Ellison M. “Symbols of Order and Harmony in the Work of Marian Scott, 1931-1949.” Master’s Thesis, Carleton University, 1985.
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