Lost Voices from Missisquoi Bay

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Lost Voices from Missisquoi Bay
The author recounts the stories of seven American Loyalist refugees who made their homes in Quebec's Eastern Townships, either in the St. Armand signeury or at Fort St. John (today Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu). As he points out, these eighteen century refugees were not members of the colonial upper class, and most of them probably did not even have the most rudimentary education. Their stories are preserved in the transcripts of the Royal Commission on the Losses and Services of American Loyalist which, between January 15 and March 3, 1788, met in Montreal. The author concludes that their stories demonstrate how loyalist families took care of one another, of the resourcefulness of women, of the plight of orphaned children, and of how men fought to preserve a united empire.
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United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada - Loyalist Trails
November 16, 2014
Davidson, Stephen. “Lost Voices from Missisquoi Bay.” United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada - Loyalist Trails. Last modified November 16, 2014. https://uelac.ca/loyalist-trails/loyalist-trails-2014-46/#Missisquoi.
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