Congregationalist Churches in Lower Canada & Québec

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Congregationalist Churches in Lower Canada & Québec
The first Congregational minister in Quebec was Rev. Clark Bentom, who was sent to Quebec City in 1801 by the London Missionary Society, an interdenominational organization formed by the Congregationalists in England. This church lasted until 1829. The first Congregationalist churches in the Eastern Townships were started by American missionaries. A church was started at Eaton in 1815, at Stanstead in 1816, and Philipsburg in 1826. These congregations lasted only a few years. In 1827, the Canada Education and Home Missionary Society of Montreal was organized, whose purpose was to provide Congregational, Presbyterian and Baptist ministers to outlying settlements. The first missionary they sent to the Eastern Townships was the Rev. Ammi C. Parker (1802-1877), who settled in the Danville area and organized several churches in the St. Francis River valley. In Montreal, in October 1831, a small group gathered together to begin worshipping as Congregationalists and this grew into Zion Congregational Church in 1832.
November 20, 2016
Gagné, Jacques. “Congregationalist Churches in Lower Canada & Québec.” Last modified November 20, 2016.
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