Working Paper on Anti-Semitism in Quebec

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Working Paper on Anti-Semitism in Quebec
The authors set out to to determine whether or not there are higher levels of anti-semitism within Quebec, by surveying residents of Quebec on their perceptions of Jewish people. Results of their survey suggest that there is a significantly higher level of anti-semitism and intolerance in French Quebec. In order to ascertain the cause of this intolerance, the authors examine the contrasting foundations of religious prejudice in Quebec and in the rest of Canada, and demonstrate the larger role of socio-cultural and psychological factors in the development of intolerance in Quebec. They conclude that French Quebecers are more likely than English-speaking Canadians to agree with negative characterization of the Jews; they are more likely to express support for conformity as a value, and thus are more likely to distrust and dislike other people who are different. However, although French Quebecers are more inclined to accept one or two negative characterizations of Jews, they are no more ready than English speakers to subscribe to the full package of anti-semitic ideas. The authors found that there is no correlation between a greater readiness of French Quebecers to denigrate Jews and French Quebecers' support for separatism. Also, the authors note the fact that French Quebecers are more receptive to anti-semitism does not mean that antisemitism is also not a problem for the rest of Canada.
North York, ON
Institute for Social Research, York University
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Sniderman, Pau M., Joseph F. Fletcher, David A. Northrup, Peter H. Russell, and Philip E. Tetlock. Working Paper on Anti-Semitism in Quebec. North York, ON: Institute for Social Research, York University, 1992.
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