La tension monte dans les colonies

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La tension monte dans les colonies
A transcription of a letter, written by David MacLaren (1789-1870) to his wife, Elizabeth (Barnet) MacLaren, on August 2, 1837, describing the "loyalist" (both French and English) reaction in Quebec City to "Papineau and his faction." MacLaren estimates that between five and eight thousand people paraded through Upper Town and Lower Town and suburbs a few days earlier in protest to the Patriotes. The letter also describes the poor state of the timber trade in Quebec City in 1837, and the reaction in the city to the news of the death of King George III and the proclamation of Queen Victoria. The letter is on file at the Gatineau offices of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. David MacLaren was the father of James MacLaren (1818-1892), a lumber baron in the Basse-Lièvre Valley of the Outaouais.
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Instantanés : La vitrine des archives de BAnQ
29 novembre 2017
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Dumas, Tristan. “La Tension Monte Dans Les Colonies.” Instantanés : La Vitrine Des Archives de BAnQ, November 29, 2017.
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