Socio-Demographic Profile of Québec’s English-speaking Youth Aged 15-29

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Socio-Demographic Profile of Québec’s English-speaking Youth Aged 15-29
The author’s survey found the following: There are 256,835 English-speaking youth (15-29) living in Québec and they form 20.5% of their language population. When all ages are combined, 35.9% of Québec’s English-speaking citizens are also members of a visible minority community. In 2021, English speakers living in Québec (15-29) were much more likely to be living on a low income ($20,000 or less) when compared to the provincial average for all ages combined. Among English-speaking youth, close to 70% (68.2%) are located in a low-income bracket compared to 38.5% of the total English-speaking population (15+). Provincially, in 2021,50.2% of English-speaking youth compared with 43.1% of French- speaking youth who were living on a low-income. When English-speaking youth are compared to majority language youth in their regional communities, they have a higher tendency to have an income of $20k or less in 20 of 22 Québec regions. When all ages are included, 12.1% of English-speaking Québecers dwell in a lone parent household arrangement. This may be a young person living in the household of their single parent or a young person who is a single parent with their own household. In 2021, 14.4% (13.3% in 2016) of Québec’s English-speaking youth (15-29) were unemployed which was higher than the norm of 10.9% (8.9% in 2016) for the provincial English-speaking population as a whole (all ages). When compared to the overall situation of the English-speaking population across the province of Québec, English-speaking youth (15-29) are more likely to report low educational attainment.
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Community Health and Social Services Network
February 2024
Pocock, Joanne. “Socio-Demographic Profile of Québec’s English-Speaking Youth Aged 15-29.” Community Health and Social Services Network. Last modified February 2024.
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