Chienke's Motl and Motl's Chienke: A Twentieth Century Story

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Chienke's Motl and Motl's Chienke: A Twentieth Century Story
The authors, Max Sivak (1909-2002) and Jennie Sivak (1910-1996), met as teenagers in Montreal, where their respective families — he was born in Ukraine and she in Lithuania — wound up after escaping persecution in Europe during the turmoil of the First World War. Both were activists, supporting the settlement of Jews in pre-independence Israel, then called Palestine. In the 1930s, now married, both Max and Jennie left Canada to take up the kibbutz life. They had some success, but found the experience very challenging in ways they had not expected. They returned to Montreal in 1937, still devoted to the cause, but resigned to supporting it from a distance. For roughly 15 years Max was a building superintendent for the Adath Israel Congregation in Montreal. He then went into business as an "instalment merchant," providing loans to help people pay by instalment for consumer purchases they were otherwise unable to make in the years before credit cards became widely available. Their son, Jacob, edited and added a commentary to his parents' life story.
Brantford, ON
Mantua Books
Sivak, Max, and Jennie Sivak. Chienke’s Motl and Motl’s Chienke: A Twentieth Century Story. Brantford, ON: Mantua Books, 2011.
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