Apprentissage collaboratif interculturel en classe de français langue seconde

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Apprentissage collaboratif interculturel en classe de français langue seconde
The main objective of the author's study was to evaluate a process of pedagogical intervention put in place with the aim of bringing together English and French-speaking students from an Anglophone CEGEP in Quebec in order to increase motivation for learning French and improve students' intercultural communication skills. The pedagogical intervention consisted of a multi-level course (level 2 and level 4 in French as a second language-FSL), based on the approach of collaborative intercultural learning (ACI), co-facilitated by two different teachers. Anglophone and Francophone learners were placed in mixed learning communities, according to their programs. They were brought to reflect on the collective identity and experience authentic communication situations where the advancement of their creative research project involved a co-construction of meaning requiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes of all members of the learning community. The achievements resulting from this exercise of shared common culture creation are meant to be transferable and contribute to better intercultural communication in society. The quantitative results revealed an improvement in the motivation of English-speaking participants to learn FSL, an improvement in attitudes towards the French-speaking community as well as an improvement in the interest of French-speaking participants in their own language. The qualitative results highlighted the feeling of confidence of the English-speaking participants when speaking in French, following the intervention. Their linguistic insecurity felt at the start turns into confidence as they weave links with French speakers during collaborative activities. In addition, participants from both language groups found the learning situation interesting, rewarding and fun, and said that they enjoyed working together. The results of this study suggest that the pedagogical intervention tested could bridge the gap between the two linguistic communities as well as improve motivation and interest in learning French.
Éditeur John Abbott College
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Popica, Maria. Apprentissage collaboratif interculturel en classe de français langue seconde. Montréal: Éditeur John Abbott College, 2020.
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