Fenians in the Townships

The Fenians were an Irish nationalist group that aimed to overthrow British rule in Ireland. Many North American members were seasoned American Civil War veterans. Between 1866 and 1871, they staged five cross-border raids on Canada, all of which ended with surrender or retreat. The Pigeon Hill raid of 1866 targeted communities in what is now Quebec’s Eastern Townships. Hundreds of Fenians occupied the area between St. Armand and Frelighsburg, stealing from farms and intimidating the locals. They were chased out by Canadian militia and volunteers within a few days in an invasion usually dismissed as farcical and “a fizzle.”

This was no farce to locals in these communities. Heather Darch, curator of the Missisquoi Museum, brings up the example of Caroline Tittemore, a single woman and seamstress living on her own in an isolated part of the borderlands. When news of the Fenian raiders arrived, she fled to a friend’s house in Frelighsburg, thinking she would be safer in a larger community. To her dismay, the Fenians occupied Frelighsburg. Caroline was horrified to see that one of these Fenians was draped in a quilt that she had stitched. Indignation got the best of her fear as she ran out and grabbed the stolen quilt off the Fenian’s shoulders.

Heather Darch at Bishop’s University, November 23, 2017.


Heather Darch is the curator of the Missisquoi Museum and a projects manager, writer and researcher for the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network. She grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario where she first learned about the Fenians as an elementary school student and from repeated school trips to Fort Erie and the Battle of Ridgeway site. When Heather moved to Quebec, she was delighted to discover that Fenians had crossed the border here too.

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