Weredale House: A Follow-Up Study

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Weredale House: A Follow-Up Study
Weredale House, at one time referred to as the Boys' Home of Montreal and now part of Batshaw Youth and Family Service, was founded in 1870 to house English-speaking non-delinquent 10- to 18-year-old boys from homes that have been broken up by death, ill-health or other misfortunes. The authors describe their follow-up study of 32 former residents of Weredale House who were discharged to the community at least ten years prior to the writing of their report (i.e. prior to 1960). The authors found that almost one-half discontinued school at 15, and all this sub-group had failed at least one grade in elementary school. Despite any further training attained, most of this sub-group did not complete high school; they were employed in blue collar or labour occupations. Those who continued schooling beyond age 15 without failing in primary school tended to obtain post-high school technical or university training and were employed in managerial or professional and technical jobs. This group expressed more satisfaction with education and employment than those who had failed and discontinued. However, a majority of the total group had located employment from which they received some satisfaction. Most of the respondents were earning wages equivalent to or above the Montreal average ($100/week). Most respondents were married and raising their own children. The authors found that they seemed to be carrying their marital and parental roles without apparent difficulties. Most had retained ties with parents or siblings and had primary relationships with family members or friends. Most of the respondents had meaningful relationships with adults outside Weredale prior to and during their residency. More than one-half of the group perceived that they had meaningful ties with the same parent prior to and during Weredale. During their residence few respondents formed personal relationships with Weredale staff or peers.
Master's Research Report
McGill University
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French, Gwyneth E., and Douglas E. Woodall. “Weredale House: A Follow-Up Study.” Master’s Research Report, McGill University, 1970. https://escholarship.mcgill.ca/concern/papers/rv0430023?locale=en.
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